Global Vacation Ventures Offers Unbelievable Luxury Vacations

Global Vacation Ventures provides ideal standards of luxury.

Global Vacation Ventures provides ideal standards of luxury.

Global Vacation Ventures elevates the standards of customer service in the travel club industry through providing affordable travel deals to the most sought after destinations all over the world. When you are planning your vacation you typically find that everything is slightly more expensive than you remember and you begin the process of finding the best travel deals that suit your budget. This entire “Bargain Hunting” process can be incredibly tedious and this is why savvy travelers join world-class travel clubs like Global Vacation Ventures.

With a membership at this amazing vacation club it is possible for members to efficiently get the best deals in the industry so that they can focus on enjoying their vacations, versus the struggles of planning these getaways. With the assistance of vacation clubs travelers are receiving savings previously thought impossible and planning trips of a lifetime.

Global Vacation Ventures is sweeping the industry by providing the highest standards of customer service. When booking a vacation through this amazing travel club, members have every aspect of their planning attended to. Through this company it is possible to stay in condos in some of the world’s top resorts for a mere fraction of the price.

These condos offer an affordability that can’t be matched in the industry, as travelers can make their own meals, and decide which amenities they choose to add to their vacation experience. With affordability like this, it is possible for you to take several vacations a year and still not break your travel budget. If you are interested in getting the best value while you are away on vacation, look no further than a membership at Global Vacation Ventures.

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Global Vacation Ventures Shares What to Learn About Your Trip Before You Go

Global Vacation Ventures offers fun vacation tips.

Global Vacation Ventures offers fun vacation tips.

Global Vacation Ventures shares that if you get a chance you should do a little research into the area you will be traveling to and get an understanding of the Local Laws and Customs.

When you leave the United States, you are subject to the laws of the country you are visiting. Therefore, before you go, learn as much as you can about the local laws and customs of the places you plan to visit. Good resources are your library, your travel agent, and the embassies, consulates or tourist bureaus of the countries you will visit. In addition, keep track of what is being reported in the media about recent developments in those countries.

Things to Arrange Before You Go:

  • Global Vacation Ventures advises to arrange your itinerary in advance as much as possible if you can prior to traveling. Also, plan to stay in larger hotels that have more elaborate security. Safety experts recommend booking a room from the second to seventh floors above ground level – high enough to deter easy entry from outside, but low enough for fire equipment to reach.
  • When there is a choice of airport or airline, ask your travel agent about comparative safety records.
  • Have your affairs in order at home. If you leave a current will, insurance documents, and power of attorney with your family or a friend, you can feel secure about traveling and will be prepared for any emergency that may arise while you are away. If you have minor children, consider making guardianship arrangements for them.
  • Global Vacation Ventures recommends signing up for the Smart Traveler Enrollment Program –think of it as checking in– so that you may be contacted if need be, whether because of a family emergency in the U.S., or because of a crisis in the area in which you are traveling. It is a free service provided by the State Department, and is easily accomplished online at
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Global Vacation Ventures Highlights the Benefits of Atlanta City Passes

Global Vacation Ventures enjoy the beautiful city of Atlanta.

Global Vacation Ventures enjoy the beautiful city of Atlanta.

Global Vacation Ventures highly recommends travelers place the city of Atlanta high on their “must see” list.  With all the great attractions visitors are sure to enjoy a wonderful getaway to this Southern hot spot. Atlanta definitely stands out in the famous state of Georgia due to all of the history and culture.

The most recommended tourist attractions are the Martin Luther King Jr Historic Site and the World of Coca Cola. Also the famous Aquarium, Museum of Arts and of course Stone Mountain Park are all also very popular sites for tourists and locals alike. The city of Atlanta is always ready to offer up fun, great dining, and great entertainment for all!

The Atlanta’s aquarium is home to thousands of species of fish, offers informative workshops that kids and adults love, 3-D shows are highly entertaining and all of the information a person could dream about regarding sharks.

Global Vacation Ventures knows that while traveling to Atlanta you should not miss a visit to the historic Downtown area, as this is its main commercial center of trade activities in and around Atlanta. All the main tourist attractions of Atlanta are within walking distance of each other and the best way to enjoy them all without standing in long queues is to buy Atlanta City passes.

Global Vacation Ventures understands that many tourists love to shop and purchase gifts and souvenirs to take back home is on many visitors agendas.   Another recommendation for tourists to consider, is look at the list of spots below and plan a shopping trip here, these are some of the hottest and most popular boutiques of Atlanta;Little Five Points, Decatur, Virginia Highland.Just to name a few…

Atlanta getaways are very popular, as the visitors love to relish the posh atmosphere of this beautiful city. Visitors interested in staying and playing in style head for its luxurious hotels.  While the city also of course offers comfortable and cost effective accommodations, which are very nice as well, and are not as easily available in other major US cities.  So Atlanta really does offer something for everyone, regardless of one’s taste, budget or interests.

Global Vacation Ventures members know that the city of Atlanta has plenty more to offer as there are several great restaurants where you are served the best traditional and international cuisines and the staff has great personalities and most are extremely friendly and hospitable.

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Global Vacation Ventures Offers You The Gateway To The West, Winnipeg

Winnipeg, a Canadian city of diverse cultures, cuisines and history

Winnipeg, a Canadian city of diverse cultures, cuisines and history

Global Vacation Ventures recommends Winnipeg, Gateway to the West. It can be your vacation destination if you are looking for a combination of tourist attractions and a plethora of activities to indulge in. Its scenic Byways, Historic Architecture and a Heritage river that flows through it make it more alluring to the roving tourist this vibrant city boasts of a number of interesting museums and offers its top notch attractions for all.

Manitoba Museum is the largest museum of Montreal which houses about nine art galleries and a planetarium. The culture galore of Winnipeg is formed on the basis of the Socialite lifestyle of Winnipeg. Global Vacation Ventures says that Winnipeg has a number of entertainment options for travelers looking for tranquil locations to unwind away from the hustle and bustle of their busy work life and can visit the Assiniboine Park which is home to the urban Deer herd. The tourists who have an artistic flair can enjoy watching ballet dance at Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

Global Vacation Ventures offers you the best tips to make your holiday in Winnipeg the most comfortable and hassle free one. Life in Winnipeg runs at a very relaxed pace and the tourists that visit Winnipeg should have a photo identification with them and you also need to carry your passport except for the travelers who are traveling for USA and Greenland.

Motorist interested in driving themselves in Winnipeg should first obtain a Canadian Non Resident Motor Vehicle liability Insurance Card and they also need to be above 21 years of age to drive around the area.

Canadian dollars are the currency of Winnipeg and tourists visiting the area can use their Credit Cards and Debit cards as it will be more convenient for the tourist to travel with these instead of carrying cash around. Global Vacation Ventures advises that tipping in Winnipeg’s hotels is quite normal and most restaurants charge 10 to 15 percent of the bills as a tip. Smoking is banned in many places in and around Winnipeg so you should be careful and avoid smoking in public places.

Global Vacation Ventures recommends Little Italy which is a place that all tourists should visit because of its different cafes and restaurants which give you the chance to enjoy an outdoor country setting and the upscale shops always stand put appealing to the roving eyes of the tourist in Winnipeg.

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Best Places to Vacation in the United States from Global Vacation Ventures

Looking to find an incredible fall vacation destination this season? Look no further than these top recommendations from Global Vacation Ventures! Here are some of our favorite pics for places to go and the things to do while you’re there.

1. San Francisco, California
Full of history, fun, great food and one-of-a-kind activities to enjoy, San Fran is sure to be a vacation that the whole family will remember, especially for any history buffs in the group. Don’t forget to take the ferry to visit Alcatraz while you’re there!

2. Sedona, Arizona
With beautiful, natural red rock formations and a cooler climate than in the state’s capital, Sedona is an extremely spiritual and romantic destination perfect for a family hike or a getaway with your significant other.

3. Breckenridge, Colorado
World-renowned for its top-of-the-line skiing and snowboarding, head to Breckenridge this fall to see the Aspens paint the landscape in the fall, or wait until winter to hit the slopes.

View our presentation to find out the last two picks on our list!

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Global Vacation Ventures Spends the Day at Seattle’s Asian Art Museum

Seattle's Asian Art Museum

Seattle’s Asian Art Museum

Global Vacation Ventures knows that one of the most important ways to experience an area is any chance to explore the art and culture available. Anyone who is planning a visit to the area of Seattle is in for a treat, since it is home to one of the top art museums in the country.

The Seattle Art Museum, or SAM for short, offers a variety of unique types of art in various different mediums, from artists all around the world, including as far as Asia. Their Asian Art Museum is one of the most popular attractions in the city, and represents a wide range of pieces from some of the top artists in the country.

Anyone who is in the area should take the opportunity to spend some time to learn about why the museum is passionate about the Asian arts. In fact, the museum also present public program offered by the nearby Gardner Center for Asian Art & Ideas, which aims to represent the holistic views of Asia. They offer a mix of speaking events, with prominent authors and scholar who discuss diverse perspectives on the cultural traditions and contemporary issues.

These events also often include performances, films and events with visual artists. In fact, anyone can attend this ongoing tribute, which is known as the Saturday University Lecture Series. Global Vacation Ventures shares that a visit to SAM or the Asian Art Museum will provide any traveler with an enlightening experience.

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Global Vacation VenturesShares Best Organization Tips for Fall Travelers

Global Vacation Ventures share good travel tips.

Global Vacation Ventures share good travel tips.

Being away from the comforts of home are tough enough, but matters can become even more complicated when something very necessary for your enjoyment (or even your well-being) is left behind. Global Vacation Ventures strives to provide tips and tricks that any traveler can use, and here are some of our best ways to stay organized this fall.

  1. Make a list: easy, simple and allows you to check off everything you need for your trip. Try searching for your destination if unsure what you might need: there may already lists to help guide you online.
  2. Every girl out there wants to look good on the go but probably hates sorting through tangled necklaces or looking for a lost earring while traveling. But a pill container or other type of compartment-style sorting box is the perfect way to keep track of jewelry while on your trip.
  3. Sick of dealing with tangled cords and lost chargers? Try storing these bundled up in an old sunglasses case. This easy trick will avoid digging through luggage trying to find these when in a hurry. Another great tip: try using a spring from an old pen to help protect these from bending or breaking as well.

Global Vacation Ventures knows utilizing these tactics will help any traveler prepare a better game plan while they are on the road. Even those these ideas are quite simple, they can make a big difference when it comes to staying on top of things and focusing on what’s most important: enjoying your vacation.

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Global Vacation Ventures Takes You To Texas

Global Vacation Ventures know that America is an amazing country and its beautiful holiday destinations make it more striking. Its holiday destinations are not only diverse in their landscape but also their people, food and cultural traditions. They stand out to be a perfect combination of natural beauty, modern and rich history and turn out a real delight for the excited tourists. Its vivacious nightlife, exotic shopping experiences and festive occasions add an appealing touch to a holiday there.

There many seasonal vacation destinations in America and Global Vacation Ventures travelers can enjoy bold and beautiful Texas, filled with natural miracles that are enough to inspire the tourist from all over the world. Exploring mysterious caverns, hiking scenic canyons, dense forests, relaxing, and revitalizing in its serene and tranquil beaches are all the fun and entertaining recreational facilities that tourist can enjoy during their holiday in Texas.

Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures

The city of Texas stands out to be the perfect year round destination with moderate temperatures and sunny days even during the spring and fall season. Its Panhandle Canyons are the greatest natural wonders located near the western side of Texas featuring rugged and flat landscape that changes to reveal dramatic canyons like Palo Duro Canyon.

Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures

South Texas plains extend right from San Antonio and Rio Grande River providing, which Global Vacation Ventures finds to be a heaven for the bird watchers, history enthusiastic sand bargain hunters. The Piney Woods of Texas are filled with lush green forests, beautiful streams, green meadows and quaint historic towns that draw the holidaymakers with their beauty, peace and outdoor recreation.

Global Vacation Ventures that during your holiday in Texas you sure get to enjoy novel experiences as it has something interesting exciting to offer tourist of all age groups. Tourist can water ski, scuba or raft and kayak down its rivers. They can even enjoy then rolling hills of Texas and enjoy hiking and trekking down its rugged terrains. There are hundreds of historical museums and galleries to visit for the art-loving tourist while great golf courses can be found at every turn in Texas.

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A Trip to Cabo San Lucas with Global Vacation Ventures

Global Vacation Ventures, a concierge country club travel agency, knows that few vacation destinations can offer everything that Cabo San Lucas, Mexico does. From incredible food to a rich local culture, some of the best sport fishing in the world and countless historical sites for history buffs to explore, Cabo truly is a cut above the rest, and only being about 4 1/2 hours from any of the major U.S. airports, it’s more accessible and easier to get there than ever before.

Enjoy on of the most beautiful sunsets in your life in Cabo San Lucas with Global Vacation Ventures.

Cabo San Lucas offers simply the best in vacation experiences shares Global Vacation Ventures.

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Global Vacation Ventures Provides Advice on the Best Ways to Get Around While on Vacation

Global Vacation Ventures knows that when you are on vacation in one destination, it’s not uncommon for travelers to want to check out the area around them as well. Especially in very well-know tourist attractions, there are several different options available for travelers to take advantage of in order to explore their getaway spot. These can include but are not limited to: walking, biking, public transportation options, driving and car and several other options. In order to best assist travelers, GVV is providing some information on each one of these transportation methods.

Driving – One of the most convenient and well-known ways to get around is to rent a car while at your destination. While this is a great option because it is very convenient to be able to get into a car and go wherever you want, Global Vacation Ventures cautions travelers that it is easy to get lost, and especially in foreign countries, the different driving rules can be very confusing.

Public Transportation – A lot of travel destinations have expansive public transportation systems. Look into these options ahead of time in order to know exactly where they will take you to and just how much they cost to use.

Riding a Bike – Renting a bike is a good method to get around a vacation destination. Be cautious in regards to the guidelines concerning riding bikes in some regions, however.

Walking – When you decide on a hotel to stay at, you could possibly be within walking distance of a lot of locations. It’s best to take this into consideration when planning your vacation, as this is the easiest method of transportation for travelers to utilize.

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